The office of the Dean of students is responsible for the welfare of students of the institute. It is established to facilitate students to realize their full potential and aspirations through the following services:

Students’ governance
Catering services
Games and Sports
Clubs and societies
Health services
Accommodation welfare unit in the Institute
Guidance and counseling
Scholarships, sponsorships and bursaries

The dean of students reports to the principal on matters relating to the areas stated above.
Officers operating the Dean’s office are:

Dennis M Ongoto Dean of Students
Mary Atieno Ongong’a Dep. Dean (HIV AIDS, Benevolent  services)
Chami K. Moses Dep. Dean (Accommodation)
Franklin Kolikho Games and Sports
Phanice Wanjala Guidance and Counseling coordinator
Charity Musima Clubs and societies
Pamela Wawire Nurse
Damaris Namusonge Cateress

Students’ governance
The student’s leadership is elected democratically. The elected leaders (Council) serves as a link between the college administration and the students’ body on all matters affecting them. The students’ council is headed by the President who works with an executive (General Secretary and Finance minister)

Catering services
The catering unit is done on Pay As You Eat (PAYE) basis. A standard menu is applied to all students for different meals. Students are therefore free to eat the meals they can afford.

Dennis Ongoto
Dean of Students


Term Dates:
From 8/1/2018 to 6/4/2018
  1. Talent search in Games and sports
  2. Students’ elections
  3. Cultural day
  4. Drama competitions
  5. National athletics competition
Term Dates:
From 7/5/2018 to 3/8/2018

  1. Ball games
  2. Graduation ceremony
Term Dates:
From 3/9/2018 to 23/11/2018

Health services
The Institute has a clinic and a nurse to attend to minor ailments. Students with medical conditions are required to make special arrangements to take care of their conditions.

Games and sports
The institute has a wide range of competitive sporting activities. The role of the Dean’s office is to encourage and nurture talent through sporting activities. We are champions in a wide range of ball games. We also have standard sporting facilities.

Clubs and societies
We encourage students to take part in various clubs for talent growth and societies for spiritual nourishment.

Accommodation services
We have an accommodation capacity of 600 students for Male and Female students. Accommodation spaces are given on a first come first served basis.

Guidance and counseling services
The Guidance and counseling services are coordinated by the Dean’s office. The office of the guidance and counseling gives counsel to students with social and economic problems without discrimination

Scholarships, sponsorships and bursaries
The Dean’s office is responsible for facilitating students to access funding through linkages with funding bodies including but not limited to CDF, NGOs etc.