Liberal Studies


We believe that the best education is one that is self-motivated and self-directed. Our goal is to help students explore the topics and questions that intrigue and excite them, as part of a lifelong project of developing personal awareness and worldly acumen. Accordingly, the Department is committed to giving students the opportunity to focus their studies on selected subjects of interest to them and to explore how interdisciplinary investigation can illuminate them. We invite you to join us in the exciting future that awaits you in the Department of Liberal Studies.

The Department of Liberal Studies was established in 2000, initially to co-ordinate the teaching of service subjects like Kiswahili, English, Communications skills Social studies and Entrepreneurship Education. In 2007 we introduced a Certificate and Diploma Course in social work and Community Development both at the main campus as well as Town Campus.

The Department has eight well trained, Motivated and result oriented Lecturers, responsible for the sterling performance witnessed in the Department. The students are annually exposed to real work situations through field and academic tours thus preparing them for the job market