Board of Governors

Provision of Quality and Technical skills are the key activities that will facilitate industrialization in kenya by the year 2030. Sang'alo Institute of Science & Technology is one of the TVET institutions under the ministry of education that will endeavor to nurture globally competitive human capital that meets and exceeds industry expectations

Prof. Edwin Ataro

Chairperson - Board of Governors

Key Qualifications:   PHD  Electrical Engineering

Gov. Martha Ndukuyu

Key Qualifications: MA Diplomacy and International Studies

Gov. Lilian Mulaku

Key Qualifications: MBA  Strategic Management

Gov. Rispah Igobwa

Key Qualifications: MBA Banking and Finance

Gov. Dr. John Oluoch

Key Qualifications: PHD Communication Studies

Gov. Dr. Cecilia N Muthui

Key Qualifications: MA Business Administration

Gov. Eng. Godwin Wasike

Key Qualifications: BSC Civil Engineering

Dr. Rosebella Chukwu Ph.D

Dr. Rosebella Chukwu Ph.D

Chief Principal

Gov. Mr. Khaoya Mulunda

Key Qualifications: BA Philosophy in Economics