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About Us

SIST History

The history of SIST dates back to 1924 when the late Paramount chief of Bukusu, Mzee Sudi Namachanja, donated 610 acres of land to Dr. Cameron, a Scottish veterinarian to establish a centre for vaccination and treatment of livestock. In 1927, the farm developed into a livestock improvement centre for upgrading indigenous cattle to enhance milk and meat production. By virtue of its geographical location, this centre became a sub-station to a veterinary station in Maseno.

Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology became a public Institution in 1993. It’s governance was put under the management of a Board of Governors appointed by the Minister for Education Science and Technology. This facilitated the posting of trainers by the Teacher’s Service Commission (TSC). The employment of staff at SIST is under the Public Service Commission and the Board of Governors. This is as per the Education Act (cap 211). The College Main campus lies on 555 acres of land.

Our Vision

To be a Centre of Excellence in Capacity Building, Research, Science & Technology as envisioned in our Motto Technology our Lifeline


To provide skills and quality Training in Research, Science and Technology to enhance sustainable National Development


Sang’alo Institute’s day-to-day management is under the  The Board of Governors, The Principal, The Management Team

Center of Excellence

The institute has been recognized as a National Centre for Excellence in Agriculture. We practice free range dairy keeping and zero grazing. Alongside is a biogas unit and a milk processing that produces butter, a cheese and flavoured milk (yoghurt) .We also have an horticulture and tissue culture banana plantation and bee keeping

Hospitality Management

SIST Hospitality department is here to nurture your interest in the hospitality industry & empower your ambitions. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you want, except yourself. If you devote yourself to it, you will achieve your goal. The need for quality professional education is on the increase in Kenya and the region. Tourism growth and business travel are the driving forces of the development of first class hotels. This in turn creates the demand for properly and professionally trained personnel. By maintaining an affordable, high quality education through various programs of study  at different levels, enables SIST to  offer you specialized courses to meet your career objectives


We have one of the fastest growing alumni networks in Kenya with over 12,000 members spread around the globe within a span of a few years. SIST Alumni Association is a catalyst for building a vigorous alumni network and a lifelong relationship with SIST and its constituents, including students and graduates, and for supporting the college mission locally, nationally and internationally. The SIST Alumni was launched in 2017 and as to date over 12,000 members are out in the market.