Brief History

Introduction Sang’alo Institute of Science & Technology (SIST) is a public institutes of Technology in Kenya. The name Sang’alo is derived from a Bukusu local language word “Sangala” meaning happiness. SIST is situated in Bungoma County, Bungoma South Sub County, and Seven (7) Kilometres South East of Bungoma town on the Bungoma-Nambacha-Kakamega road.

Historical Perspective

The history of SIST dates back to 1924 when the late paramount chief of Bukusu , Mzee Sudi Namachanja donated 610 acres of land to Dr. Cameron , a scotish veterinarian to establish a centre for vaccination and treatment of livestock. In 1927, the farm developed into a livestock improvement centre for upgrading indigenous cattle to enhance milk and meat production. In 1977, the institute admitted its first intake of twenty students to study certificate in general agriculture. SIST became a public institution in 1993. Its governance was put under the management of board of governors (BOG) appointed by the ministry of education science and technology. This facilitated the posting of lecturers by the Teachers service commission.


To be a Centre of Excellence in Capacity Building, Research, Science & Technology.


To provide skills and quality Training in Research, Science and Technology to enhance sustainable National Development.

Innovation and Research

  • This was a brain child of the BOG.
  • We are now a National Powerhouse in Innovation
  • We attracted the attention of the President and were invited to visit the State House.
  • We were also invited to participate in an Exhibition in Cairo.
  • Some of our Innovations are undergoing patenting and incubation by various organizations. In readiness for commercialization.
The following innovations competed to Regional and National TVET Fair last year.
  • Solar powered lawn mower
  • Solar powered Irrigation Pump
  • The Orange fleshed potato project
  • Torsoy Health Drink
  • The Solar tent
  • A Visitor Registration Module
  • The fish scale mouthwash
  • The village battery that uses water and salt solution.

Co-curriculla Activities

  • We are a powerhouse in Games and Sports.
  • We are National champions in Volleyball, Hockey and also do very well in Netball ,and other disciplines too.
  • We participated in the National Athletics in Nakuru in March this year and got four (4) medals.
  • We have also done great in Drama, winning awards of Best play, Best dance, Best soloist, Best Male Actor, Best actress, and Best compliance to the theme.

Collaborations and Linkages

We have MOUs with:
  • KALROKakamega
  • Masinde Muliro University
  • Kibabii University
We attach our students to the industry and encourage them to have the hands-on experience that is the focus of the Government towards the attainment of vision 2030. We are a centre of Excellence in Agriculture and have an exchange programme with the Netherlands.
We have developed one from 2015 – 2020. We are also in the process of developing an Institute Master plan.
Most of our students are supported by the HELB loans and bursaries.
We have had our 4th Graduation Ceremony in June this year.
Our students are all taught Entrepreneurship for self Reliance and job creation in line with the skills empowerment requirement of TVET.
We are mentoring The Wanga Technical Training Institute.
The Institute has grown tremendously from 20 students in 1977 to 2339 currently. We look forward to upgrading and any other future prospects.