Automotive Engineering


The department offers certificate and Diploma courses in electrical ( power) and Telecommunication examinable by Kenya National Examination Council and other related courses examined b other bodies like NITA. The programmes  offered are aligned with Technical and Vocational Education Technology and the vision 2030. The Automotive Engineering Department trains Engineering as well as Electronics Engineering .The department has three equipped workshops. Electrical workshops, Electronics workshops.


“To be a Center of excellence in the provision of technical Skills in Automotive, Electrical and Electronics engineering”


“To equip technical students with relevant technology competences in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Research”


i) To equip trainees with relevant technological skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to enable them serve as professional technical teachers and technologists

ii)To produce technical teachers and technologists to met market demand

iii)To develop research skills in both technical teachers and technologists

iv)To promote creativity and innovation in technology


Mr. Fredrick Oyombe

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