Conducting  business with SIST

Procurement function of SIST is handled by a procurement officer and is guided by the public procurement and disposal of assets Act 2015 & public procurement regulations 2006. SIST  advertises tenders requesting interested suppliers to supply various categories of goods and services to participate. Suppliers who submit an expression of interest are evaluated as per the criteria stated in the tender document and those who qualify included in the list of SIST suppliers over the period stated. Its from this list that request for quotations are sent out and suppliers allowed to bid for goods and services required.

The mission of the Procurement Department is to provide efficient and responsive procurement services and to obtain high quality goods and services at reasonable costs. This service is provided to faculty, staff, and students in support of the institute's instructional, research, and public service programs. Purchasing processes and practices conform to the Public Procurement Oversight Authority which is mandated with the responsibility of:

1) 1) Ensuring that procurement procedures established under the Act are complied with

2) 2) Monitoring the procurement system and reporting on its overall functioning

3) 3)  Initiating public procurement policy

4) 4) Assisting in the implementation and operation of the public procurement system

5) Our strategic goals are:

* To procure as efficiently as possible.

* To provide continuous training and education to customers.

* To provide knowledgeable advice and consulting.

* To identify vendors who meet internal customer needs at reasonable prices.

* To process documentation within reasonable timeframes.

* To minimize disputes between internal customers and vendors.

* To maintain ethical business standards and full legal compliance.

Check our downloads page for advertised tenders or click on this link Tenders