Deputy Principal Academics

Deputy Principal Academics- Mrs Roselyne Muleshe


It is my pleasure to welcome you all to our website. On my own behalf and that of the entire institute community, I wish to congratulate our esteemed readers and stakeholders for identifying with us.The springboard of Sang'alo Institute of Science and Technology is based on its academic achievements. It is on this breath that I want to highlight our efforts, sacrifices and dedication towards realizing our academic goals.SIST has moulded great citizens of this country through academic excellence. We are majorly known as a center of excellence in Agriculture beefing the granary of this nation. We graduate students in various disciplines from artisan, craft and diploma training. We also have collaborations with a few universities to enhance our training. We encourage our teachers and students to remain focused and true to their ambitions by imparting , acquiring and achieving knowledge and skills that can make them stand out in this era of innovation and technology and the national vision 2030. we endeavor to achieve the very best anywhere in the world, in terms of development of technical education.We have departments, enough staff and infrastructure that makes us be up to the challenge of producing very good graduands and results in various disciplines like agriculture, building and civil engineering, automotive engineering, applied science, business, food and beverage and clothing technology. Discipline and hard work remains our gospel and technology our lifeline so that the dream of SIST becoming the best technical training tertiary institution is nearer than ever imagined. We are working towards lessening our machines downtime , improving our workshops and laboratories in a hands on effort toward superlative results. Ur performance has attracted many more students to our college. Help us keep our momentum for our mutual benefit in economic and national development. At the end of the training, We know God helps most of our graduates become job creators and have practical skills that can help them earn their own living too.

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